To teach students to enjoy dance through proper technique

To teach proper alignment and placement of the body in all forms of dance

To teach students to feel comfortable with their bodies and confident in themselves

To teach students to work toward and accomplish the goal of dancing with their bodies and their hearts



Adult Modern Dance
Lisa Long is offering an adult modern class. If interested, please contact her at 818.815.7278.

Lisa D. Long will be teaching GYROKINESIS starting Sunday mornings at 10 AM beginning August 17th!

The GYROKINESIS method is an exercise modality that uses the body to go beyond its limitations. GYROKINESIS movement increases the functional capacity of the entire organism in a harmonious way.

- Increases circulation through aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation.
- Increased mobility of the joints
- Stimulates and strengthens the nervous system, leading to increased muscular contractions and extension
- Mobilizes the spine and releases the rigidity within it
- Creates clearer sense of perception for all the senses
- Creates harmony and balanced energy
- Increases coordination through neuromuscular regeneration

This exercise method is for all ages and abilities!

GYROKINESIS is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission

Fall 2015 Signups
Sign ups for fall semester will take place at the studio Monday July 6 and Tuesday July 7, from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Bowling Green native, Elizabeth Hocker, began dance at the age of four. A graduate of Bowling Green High School and Western Kentucky University, Elizabeth has been active as a performer and choreographer for Community Theatre and for local high schools. As a teacher and choreographer for Dance Images since 2001, Elizabeth transitioned into owner in 2014. She is mother to four children: Nicholas, Hannah, and MacMillan, all Dance Images graduates, and Abigail, who is currently on her dance journey.


Our wonderful instructors have many years of dance experience and instruction. Our instructors are: Kathy Leonard, Lisa Long, Hannah Slattery, Amber Steff, Alexandra Watts, and Victoria Watts.